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Invitation to Learning to Live Again

Invitation to Learning to Live Again

Dear Friend,

Please accept this invitation to Learning to Live Again.  You may have heard of these life applications for help from your grief over your loss.  We have planned for four sessions in September, but with some differences due to the pandemic.

For the first time, we are asking you to RSVP a seat or seats if you are bringing someone with you.  Seating is limited for this session.  There is a location change to Prairie Haven Cemetery on Veterans Drive in Pekin.  Dates and times remain the same.   September 3,10,17,24 at 11:00 a.m.  Enter through the front door and we will be in the room on the right of the entrance.

After our session, we will still enjoy  fellowship over a meal you have ordered from the menu.  When you arrive we will take your order for your lunch from Avantis.  It will be delivered by 12:30 at our location.   We encourage you to bring your own drinks for the duration of the session and your lunch.  We will have water available. 

Please RSVP to our office calling 309-346-2176 as soon as possible.  Or you can email me

Thank you for understanding the limitations and regulations which contribute even more to the grieving you are experiencing.  This is why we feel it is important to reach out to you as we are learning a lot about living through this difficult time.



John Plunkett

Aftercare Consultant