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We ensure value because we determine the costs.

Although funerals are inevitable, you can relieve the financial burden from your spouse or family members by pre-paying or pre-funding a funeral with Pathway from Pekin Insurance. The process is simple, and we will walk you through every step.

How are pre-paid funeral prices determined?

As a local, family owned and operated funeral home, Preston-Hanley bases our prices solely on what's fair and reasonable for our community. Unlike the growing number of other funeral homes, we have not sold out to an international conglomerate and we are not a subsidiary of any corporation. Therefore, we do not answer to a board of directors whose first responsibility is to their shareholders. We only answer to the families we serve.

Will pre-paid funeral plans save me money?

When you choose to pre-fund through the Pathway plan, you will save money by paying today's prices for products and services. You will also receive a written letter of guarantee – ensuring services will be provided according to your wishes, at no additional cost to your loved ones.

Do you offer pre-payment options?

Preston-Hanley wants to make planning your funeral as simple and convenient for you as possible. That’s why we offer various payment plans ranging from single payments to payments spread out over 3, 5, 7 or even 10 years.

How do I start pre-planning a funeral?

Contact us today or call (309) 346-2176 for a free funeral cost estimate and learn the specifics and benefits of our pre-pay plan.