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Why use Preston-Hanley for pet cremation?

We specialize in private cremation services for companion pets... and the reasons you choose Preston-Hanley are the same as for any family member. We offer the same attention to detail and compassionate care. Plus, your pet's cremation is handled in a timely fashion - quickly and respectfully.

How is cremation handled?

We respond either to a call from your veterinarian's office or your home. We pick up daily - single or multiple pets - and offer a 48-hour return time of your pet's cremated remains Monday through Friday. We also offer pet cremations on Saturday by appointment.

Are pets cremated individually?

Yes. We have a state-of-the-art crematory that is used solely for pets, and each companion pet receives individual care.

After cremation, what happens to my pet's remains?

We will return your pet's remains in a simple, wooden urn, unless you choose a different pet urn from our collection.

Why choose pet cremation?

Today, many families choose pet cremation as a way of dealing with their family's loss. Not only does it offer a way of caring for your companion pet's remains, but it also offers a variety of options: 1) The ashes may be kept as a remembrance in the urn in the home; 2) The ashes may be buried; or 3) The ashes may be scattered. In the past, many buried their pet in their backyard, to keep them close, but today many rent their homes and/or move frequently and don't want to leave their pet behind. Choosing cremation offers families a way to keep their companion pets nearby throughout life.

How much does it cost?

We offer reasonable rates based on the size of the animal. Our pricing includes the transfer fees from your veterinarian's office or your home... or, if you prefer, you can bring your pet to our facility.