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Michael Waldmeier DMD PhD

I want others to know of my appreciation to Preston-Hanley Funeral Home, especially from D. Neale "Buster" Hanley II for my wife with regards to the Visitation, the Service in the Funeral Home, and the Service at the Cemetery. I had made the majority of decisions several years ago. When she died I sent information for the Catholic priest so the priest could add Biblical passages, and more specific details about how I wanted to present her to family members and friends. For Buster Hanley as a Christian, he views being a funeral director as a calling and it was personal to him as he knew many of my family members in Pekin. He took care of my grandparents, my parents, an uncle and aunt, and their son. He understood my thoughts and she looked wonderful. The casket was the same as for my Mom and it and the vault covering were elegant yet dignified. Just as I had loved and cared for her in life, Buster Hanley helped me do one last thing for her now. He contacted the Priest and the Cemetery, worked closely with the funeral director in Frankfurt to get her here, and paid close attention to details such as her makeup, jewelry, rosary beads and Cross. He also let me know how to present the photos which I brought to show my wife's past - her parents and relatives, her youth, her 1st husband that I knew well before he died, and pictures of us over the years to my great-aunt and friends. These were incorporated into a slideshow which I can show at home to our friends. The entire event was well-organized and I had time to proceed at my own pace. This made one of the most difficult times in my life easier. I have asked Buster Hanley to handle my situation in the future.

Michael Waldmeier DMD PhD
October 4, 2019